8/4/17 Le Bain Presents Dancing Room Only w/Mateo&Matos and Rissa Garcia

8/4/17 Le Bain Presents Dancing Room Only w/Mateo&Matos and Rissa Garcia

Hosted by: Silverbull

One of the most gifted and focused production teams in the New York house underground, John Mateo and Eddie Matos have been producing and remixing since the mid 1980’s and since then have released records on just about every major independent house label in New York during their career.

Having been interested in DJing and making music since the late 70’s, they met through the avenue of CB radio and quickly hit it off. Listening to Kiss FM and disco 92 they enjoyed the music that Tony Humphries, Shep Pettibone and Jonathan fearing were playing on the radio. Soon after the duo became partners and got to know Louie Vega. Who at the time was playing at Hearthrob in NY City. Louie was a great inspiration for the duo as they learned their craft in the studio watching Louie with producing and editing.
In 1986, they met the great Larry Levan. Larry was playing at clubs such as the loft and the garage, this exposed them to a whole new sound. In the mid to late 80’s, DJing took over their lives and they played everywhere from clubs such as house nation to street summer parties.

In late 1989, they moved into production when they set up final cut records with a business partner. In 1993, having enjoyed success with the label, they began working for other independent labels in New York. Also about this time they started to DJ abroad, traveling the world.

The pair first met in 1985 and became DJ partners soon after. Later that year, they were introduced “Little” Louie Vega (several years before he joined Kenny “dope” Gonzalez to become masters at work) and learned much from Vega about recording-studio protocol, including production and engineering. Mateo & Matos earned their first high-profile DJ gig at Hector Cruz’s mobile house nation club and spent much of the rest of the 1980s DJing in a variety of locales. By 1989, the duo began using what they’d learned from “Little” Louie Vega in their own productions. after recording half-a-dozen singles for their own final cut records, Mateo & Matos’ reputation began to spread and they recorded for Oxygen music works, Henry Street, Nervous, Nitegrooves, and Spiritual Life during the mid-’90s.

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