Dancing Room Only welcomes Charles Webster

Hailed as one of house musics finest producers and a highly regarded dj, Charles has no doubt made his mark within the underground dance community and beyond.

“Whether he’s producing under his own name or under one of his many aliases—Presence, Furry Phreaks and Love from San Francisco being just a few of his notable monikers—the U.K.’s Charles Webster has long been one of house music’s most respected figures, releasing tunes with a depth and sophistication rarely found in the genre. Despite the veteran’s aural refinement (or perhaps because of it), he’s never been the trendiest of music makers—which is not to say he doesn’t have a rabid fan base. ”

Join us Friday April 21st when Le Bain presents Dancing Room Only w/Charles Webster & Rissa Garcia


Free event….Special Guest list for guaranteed entry w/RSVP – Here