Founder of Dancing Room Only/Nightchild Records Talks The Business of Digital Music

Due to the conception of digital music distribution companies such as Dancephonic, which makes it possible for DJ, music producer, and event producer Rissa Garcia to allow her the chance to create an independent recording label NightChild Records.

Rissa Garcia began her career as a DJ in 2004. “I began to DJ in my room as most DJs get their start and in 2006 I got a little bit more serious and began to play a few local clubs here in NYC,” expressing how she transitioned from a DJ hobbyist to a professional DJ and producer.

In 2007 Rissa began to take the proper steps to create her independent recording label thanks to the new digital distribution companies that now allowed for her to reach her audience on a global scale without the need or cost of creating physical content such as CD, mix tapes, or vinyl records.

Rissa highly advises if you are planning to make your move in the digital music business that the most important thing is doing your homework first as well as research the company you are planning to associate with or submit your music to will be a good fit with their brand. Do diligence is extremely important when submitting your music. “I have had people submit me Hip Hop tracks which is the complete opposite of what I do and that’s house music”, she explains.