Good Company Records

Good Company Records (GCR), was founded in 2014 by four individuals with one objective- to publish some of the best music their city has to offer. Headquartered in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, GCR is right at home amidst a community of creators.

Music is the soul of what we do, but the real story behind GCR is that of the intersection of locally recurring house music gatherings. Each with its own take on musical selection, lineup, and locale- these events are run by the artists themselves and help fuel our city’s love affair with underground house music. The friendships and relationships formed during these parties have been everything. The result is an abundance of quality music deserving of an audience beyond the loyal following already sharing in it.

The character of our music is a reflection of the people sharing in its creation on all levels, and without this good company there would be no Good Company Records. We are (late) 80’s babies with a taste for the classic and a thirst for the inventive. There is this genre of music deeply rooted within us and we want to make it our own.

We take pride in our commitment to bring great music to our city and intend to show a piece of what NYC’s next generation has up its sleeve. What we listen to makes us who we are, and for GCR that is house music.

Good company. Great music.



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