Forward Disco (Cielo NYC)

“Two DJ’s, two fathers, two guys living out their dream in New York City — Sean Cormac & Chili Davis. Along with third partner in crime Alan Morehouse, Sean & Chili run their own chunk of the NYC nightlife, a party called Forward Disco. What started out in the back of a hair salon when it closed up shop, Forward Disco is now holding down a residency at one of New York City’s most reputable nightclubs — Cielo. That shit doesn’t just happen, it’s the result of perseverance and love for your craft — two noteworthy qualities we admire.”

Music is for Lovers


After being put on the same bill for a mid-summer jam in their native NYC, Sean Cormac, Chili Davis and Alan M realized they had common ideas for a future endeavor. Soon after, Forward Disco was born.

The music policy at all Forward Disco events is simply forward thinking dance music. Not bound by genres or rules, Forward Disco events aim to give guest artists and residents the platform to experiment beyond four to the floor. From house to classic house, disco to nu-disco, to low-slung, modern electronica; each event is custom curated with artists and promotion aimed at creating a fun environment.

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